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transformed their lives and achieve their goals with the help of “HealNaturally”

'I have been trying to lose weight for almost 6 years now. I was also diagnosed with thyroid issues. With hundreds of diets and quick weight loss programs, I didn't know where to begin and it was difficult for me to do it alone. I was referred to San. I am happy to say I have lost weight and I feel much healthier now.'

/// Jordine, 40, Administration Officer

'Depression and binge eating was part of my life. I thought nothing is going to get better. I am glad I made a choice to see San. I manage to get my mood issues in control, my food habits got better. I started seeing results within first month of my nutrition program. I will definitely recommend San.'

/// Terry, 35, Health & Safety Manager

'I was told that it's okay to be overweight as long as I am taking all my prescribed medications for anxiety, mood swings and thyroid issues. I wasn't happy with everything that has been going on. I was searching up on the internet for solutions daily but I was even more confused. Finally, I decided to meet San to help me find a solution for this. She tailored my program according to my health issues. The program was easy to follow, thoroughly explained and my results were tracked. I am no longer dependent on my medications and I am happy with my progress.'

/// Melissa, 32, Assistant Manager

'I contacted San because I wasn't happy with the direction. I was having indigestion and bloating issues. Since I started my nutrition program with San, I have learnt so much more about myself, inner health, new eating habits and healthier options which is having a positive impact on myself and my family. She is very supportive, always willing to listen and makes the feel motivated to be better than my previous self.'

/// Lily, 30, Nurse

'After years of struggling with vitamin deficiency and poor digestion issues, I started seeing San to fix my health concerns. San is extremely knowledgeable and professional with her consultations. She gets to know your concerns and customize a plan accordingly. This is no fad diets that can be found on the internet. I feel healthier, energetic and no more low energy days.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to get their eating habits on track and reach their health and lifestyle goals!'

/// Darren, 36, Supervisor

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